Friday, September 23, 2016

Back in my running Shoes

It's been a long while since I've blogged. We have two more kids and a much busier life. I have tried to continue running but have been inconsistent. I have done some races here and there but didn't dedicate myself to training for them and found myself disappointed with my performance because of my lack of preparation.
I have registered for the Surf City Half Marathon again. I have started training and look forward to more consistency and routine in my life. This time I will also incorporate HIIT training and weight lifting. I am excited to see how this improves my experience on race day and hope it will improve my physique as well.
I am learning about nutrition and trying to implement the things I am learning. Definitely consistency is where I am lacking in this area as well.
Hoping to be more consistent in both areas moving forward.

I can do it!

I'm using the FIT Radio app on my iPhone as well as the Nike+ RunClub app. Tomorrow will be my long run for the week. I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

Thursday, November 17, 2011


So I did it! I ran 26.2 miles and completed my first marathon. I'm not sure if I'll ever run another marathon but let's just go with never say never.

After my marathon it was evident that my body took a beating. I took some time off from running to rest and recuperate. I would run 3 miles every now and then but pelvis would hurt so bad when I was finished. Then randomly one day while doing some household chores I injured my stomach muscles and really had to take it easy. That was painful!

I figured out that my body, especially my pelvis, needed some extra support if I was going to run anymore. I started wearing a support band around my hips to keep everything supported. (You wanted to know that didn't you?) I ended up doing the Donate Life 5K with the Team Mike group again, this time pushing both my kids. I also ran the Fourth of July 10K in my neighborhood. That was an awesome feeling because I hadn't really trained for the 10K but I was in good enough shape that I was able to do it! I think it's safe to say I've never been in shape so to finally be there is so exciting and makes me feel to content with all my hard work.

Running has become a way for me to recharge emotionally and mentally. These are the reasons I run now: my health, my emotional well being, and my physical well being. I stopped weighing myself. I stopped worrying about whether or not I was losing weight because as long as I feel healthy and strong that's all that matters. I don't have to be a stick figure super model. I can be ME, the best ME! :)

I challenge you to find something that makes you feel healthy, strong and like your best self!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


This is the post you've all been waiting for!
Ok, really it was just me excited to share this post with whoever will read it.

Well, there was quite a bit more training that I did between my half marathon and my actual marathon. That included a 20 mile run! Even saying that now it's hard to believe I actually did it. Check out my post on how that run went here.

So race day came. I had to wake up really really early because I was not running this by myself. My Dad had agreed to run this marathon with me. He's so awesome! Anyway, I had to meet him at his hotel so we could drive over to the race parking together, along with my sister and my nephew (She's so amazing for hanging out there for so long). I was so nervous I could hardly drink my pre-race protein shake.  I met my Dad and sister at the hotel and munched on a mini muffin they had there hoping it would soothe the butterflies in my stomach. We got to the designated parking lot for the race at 6 am!

From the parking lot we were able to walk then jog up the boardwalk toward the Huntington Beach Pier to the starting line. They had buses as shuttles that you could take up to the starting line from the parking lot but we decided it would be better to warm up our muscles.

We arrived at the starting line and found our group. A lot of big races don't just have one start, they start the race in waves, so the faster people start first and then each group after that goes. I think we actually ended up starting with a group faster than I was anticipating finishing the race but it worked out.

The time came and the race started, we inched toward the actual start line and then began! I was feeling good, my legs felt strong and I was conscious of my pace. I wanted to stay a little slower than I felt like I could go in the beginning because I didn't want to burn myself out. We started out running along north along PCH. My Dad stayed with me until mile 3, then he took off. He's a lot faster than me and had set a goal for himself to finish in under 4 hours. So we said goodbye and I was on my own. I was so glad that I had gotten to a place during my training where I could cheer myself on in my head. The course turned east into the residential areas and went into a large park. The course had some pretty big hills in it over the next 10 miles.  I still felt good and kept my pace up the hills (it wasn't until later that I would realize this was a mistake!). I had to stop to use the restroom around mile 7, too much water or something. When the course came back to PCH we continued north to Warner. At Warner was the 13 mile mark. About a mile or two before getting to the half way point my legs started burning. You know the feeling you get after an intense workout? My quads were the spot where I felt it most. I had to convince myself to keep moving. This didn't work for very long so I switched to trying to distract myself. The course made a u-turn at the half way mark (13 miles) and the other side of PCH was everyone ahead of me heading south on PCH. So I began trying to see if I could spot my Dad in the mass of runners on the other side of the road going the opposite direction.

I passed the half way mark at Warner and was feeling worried because the burning in my legs was not going away. But at this point there were tons of people on the sides of the road that came to cheer everyone on! This is the most amazing thing about running races. These people may only know one person running in the race but they come and stay and cheer everyone on! All the volunteers at each aid station cheer you on. It was at mile 17 that I got emotional when one of the volunteers handing out water shouted "Go Lacey, you can do it!" (my name was printed on my race bib). It was all I could do to not just break down and succumb to the sobs building in my throat right there. I smiled and said thank you and kept on going. Around mile 19 or 20 my spirit was almost crushed. Everything from my waist down hurt and it was the worst pain I had ever been in my whole life! There wasn't anything I could do to make it stop either. I tried walking for a bit but for some reason that made everything hurt worse. So I went back to running but at this point my running pace was so slow there were people passing me that were walking. It was probably the saddest thing to watch. And the thought of having over 6 miles to go made me want to cry. This was also a place in the course where there weren't many people on the sidelines cheering, what a huge difference that makes!

But I knew that the end was getting closer, so I tried to keep going. About mile 24 I had to stop to use the restroom. When I came out of the restroom I kept telling myself "2 more miles, only 2 more miles, you're almost there!" I sort of got a second wind and felt like my pace picked up a bit. It wasn't until I could see part of the finish line banner that my spirits lifted. I kept my eyes on that banner and couldn't wait to cross the finish line. Right before the finish line I heard my family cheering for me! Again it was all I could do to fight back the tears and sobs! My sister and my kids ran up and then ran along side me for a bit. It was so wonderful and special to me having them there, supporting me!

I really picked up the pace then! I couldn't wait to be done and hug my family! I crossed the finish line after 5 hours 37 minutes 43 seconds! I had done it! I had run a marathon! There are no words to describe the feeling of accomplishment I felt as I was handed my medal and other goodies and told congratulations by all the volunteers at the finish line.

That was the hardest thing I have ever done but it was worth all the time spent training and all the pain during. To be able to make a goal and attain that goal is the best feeling. I've said it to many of my friends but I'll say it again, If I can do it anyone can. Find something you want and go after it! You are capable of more than you realize! Don't let doubt or fear hold you back!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


During my training for my marathon I ran two more races. They (some running experts) say it's good to run shorter races during your training to help prepare you and so that you know what to expect.

The second ever race I ran was the Dana Point Turkey Trot. I am planning on running this race again this year. It was so much fun! It's a 10K around the Dana Point Harbor. You get beautiful views while you run and a bunch of runners in the race dress up. Last year there were some Santa'a and turkey's and a bunch of fun costumes.

Crossed the finish line! Yay!

I ran with my good friend Vanessa and it was so fun to run a race with a friend! Below are my race results:

Runner Details Race Results
Bib: 393
Name: Lacey Bredsguard
Gender: F
Age: 26
Hometown: Irvine, CA
Overall: 2921 out of 4058
Women: 1377 out of 2231
F 25-29: 262 out of 380
Age/Grade: 46.46% Place: 2949
Finish: 1:05:18 Pace: 10:31
Tag Time: 1:05:18
Gun Time: 1:14:39
Split Times
5 Km: 32:51 Pace: 10:35

The third ever race I ran was the Irvine Half Marathon put on by Kaiser Permanente. This race was nice because it goes through our neighborhood which was fun because I run the trails that were a part of the race all the time. Although, it is nice to mix it up with different scenery sometimes.

Do you see how many people there are on the trails on either side of the creek? Crazy!

The finish line!

My race results for the Half marathon:

         Name              Bib      Gun           Tag        Pace Sex Age  City   
Bredsguard,Lacey   582  2:42:27.3   2:40:59.8  12:17  F     26   Irvine  CA

As you can see I am not by any means a fast runner! But I did it! I finished! 
Honestly, If I can do it ANYONE can do it!
Check back for my recap of my first Marathon and a video too. :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

First 5K

My first race didn't happen for a while after I had started running (8 months actually!). I hadn't really thought about running in a race when I started. I was just running to get back in shape and lose the baby weight. About a year and a half before a good friend from high school passed away in a skiing accident. His family set up a memorial foundation and they ran the Donate Life 5K. The first year they ran I was pregnant with Eden and couldn't do it (mostly because I hadn't been running before that, I know a few women who run farther than a 5K while pregnant!).

So, the second year they were registering for the Donate Life 5K is the year I decided to do a race for the first time. I wanted to support my friend's family and memorialize him. I decided to run the race like two weeks before the actual race. Luckily I had been running! Pushing myself to run a 5K was a challenge, I hadn't been running that far on my own. But I was able to run 5K mileage three times a week those two weeks leading up to the race, so I knew I could do it!

Funny story, my husband who is not a runner but he does play basketball at least twice a week came along on one of my runs. He offered to push the stroller with the kids and I gladly accepted. So off we went running and we were going to do the 5k mileage. He cheered me on for the first half but as I slowed down he seemed to speed up and ended up finishing quite a while before I did! :) I didn't think that was fair. :)

Anyway, so come race day I meet my family there because my mom had signed up to run the race too. There are so many people that run in the Donate Life event, it's so wonderful because it's such a good cause!

It was kind of overwhelming for our first time though. The race started and we were off! My mom and I got separated sometime in the beginning. One thing to know about 5K races is they usually start later in the day. Well it being the beginning of May it was really warming up outside as I got closer to the end and running in the heat is not my strong suit. But I pushed through!

I finished with a time of 36:12! Yay me!

This is the race that really cemented my desire to run a marathon and it made it seem possible and exciting! The fire was lit!

Friday, October 14, 2011


I was never extremely athletic. I didn't really play sports growing up, I remember from 5th grade I ran a 10 minute mile. In High School I played AYSO soccer and continued being on the cheer-leading squad like I had done in Middle School. AYSO soccer wasn't super competitive and often your coach was a volunteer, not that there is anything wrong with that, but it didn't lend to the most vigorous training during practice. Honestly to this day I have a vague idea of the rules in soccer even though I played the game.

So, as I got older I thought working out was running a mile and I'd pat myself on the back if I fit that in. I was lucky enough up until this point that I had good genes and my body didn't require a lot of effort on my part to keep up my figure. Right before my wedding in 2004 I started running a couple miles a few times a week. My body responded fairly quickly and I was happy about that but didn't stay consistent.

Now I am feeling quite self conscious about sharing these photos but here we go. After having my second baby (18 months after my first!) I found that the weight I gained during my pregnancy, which was less than my first, was not coming off! Even though I was breastfeeding!

This is me almost exactly two years ago, November 2009:

So there I was my heaviest weight and craving to be in shape. I knew that my body responded quickly to running before my wedding and it didn't take a lot of money or equipment to start. So I begged my husband to buy me a good double jogging stroller so I could take the kids with me. After shopping around, reading reviews, deciding I liked the inline double joggers instead of the side-by-sides, and after promising I'd use it everyday my husband agreed to buying a jogging stroller. A hefty chunk of change later and I was set. 

I was off and I started small. We have a trail by our house and it's about a mile on the trail from our street to the next main street. So I would bundle up the kids and off we would go. I'd run the trail as far as I could go. Sometimes I would be able to run all the way to the next street but could only walk the trail back home. Other times I'd run all the way there and be able to keep running after turning back for home. Each time I tried to push myself more and more. It was not easy! But my motivation was losing the weight! That motivation evolved and that's when I first thought of signing up for a race but you'll have to read about that in my next post. :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

New Frontier

My husband has been encouraging me for a while to start a blog to record my thoughts, experiences and achievements since I became a runner. So here I am starting a blog. I'm apprehensive, a little nervous, and feeling completely inadequate but I hope that this will help me improve and grow as a runner. As well as, inspire others to find their hidden potential and encourage them to find ways to become more healthy and active.

I must make it clear I am in no way an expert on running, physical fitness, or diet/nutrition. Please check with your doctor before you begin any vigorous exercise or dramatic change in your diet.

These first many posts will be background on who I was athletically before now, how I got started, what motivated me, my past races and my current goals, challenges, and triumphs.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.